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Rybury Hill

Rybury - hang gliding and paragliding

Rybury is opposite Tan and Milk Hill and is a good Cross Country flying site in a Westerly or South Westerly wind direction but its a little more technical than Milk Hill due to the small ridge and steep slope.  This means it can get windy and lighter much quicker than the bigger Milk Hill behind it.  The short ridge isn't very big so can get very crowed with just a few gliders and therefore Milk is better.  It can be used for soaring but on XC days its more popular due to the cleaner air flow out front and thermal sources and triggers.  The site used to have a bottom landing field however this has now been turned to crop, so there is no bottom landing therefor only suitable to more experienced CP's (CP+25 hours) and above.  In an emergency situation pilots can of course land in the field and use the bridalway to exit to the gate.



You must not fly alone at this site. Check the sign on the gate before you fly as the farmer may have young livestock grazing. This site sometimes closes for lambing each April and May (exact closure day depends upon the date of Easter and the state of the ewes – normally about 10th April: opening always 1st June).

Full TVHGC Members only. Please see Restrictions.


Wind Direction / Details

0.5km ridge and a little bowl 65m high.



The site is limited to Full TVHGC members only (see pilot experience below)
Just to be clear – Guest members are currently not allowed to use this site. This site is now managed under an access agreement and we are only allowed to fly there on 20 days per year, bank holiday weekends are excluded. When you fly the site you should log its use by posting an entry in the ‘Flying Diary’.

You must not fly alone at this site.

Suitable for pilots with a CP Hill rating + 25 hours experience and completed slope landing tasks either as part of their CP or Pilot tasks.  This is due to the lack of a bottom landing field and tricky slope landing lower down.  There are other options for pilots with less experience (Milk Hill and Sugar Hill). Watch out for strong thermals on sunny spring days.



The club has recently experienced problems with Rybury and its overuse.
The farmer is very concerned about pilots flying unaccompanied and the possibility of a casualty lying untended on the hill.  There is a £50 penalty, payable to Oxfam via the farmer if you do.

All vehicles must pay £1.50 (to a different farmer) at the clearly sign posted toll box to use the track, this toll is payable even if you do not fly.


OS Grid Ref SU 084 637 Landranger 173, Pathfinder 1185.


Parking is approximately 1 mile along the track, approximately 200 yards before the lower barns.


Rybury can be reached by walking westwards from the track through the gate and alongside the fence towards the hilltop.

Take Off

Approximate elevation 230m/755’ AMSL.

Anywhere at the top of the hill.


Slope land, or top land as appropriate, but see hazards.

There is no longer a bottom landing field as its been put to crop.


Landing in the col (the gap) at the top of the bowl may result in being blown back into dangerous rotor!  If the wind picks up it is generally safest to land on the shallow spur below Rybury hill fort.  Do not fly low and behind the ridge as its a spineback and there is rotor in a westerly wind.  Pilot's should be careful in flying the site in a wind direction north of west as the spur to the north (the southerly face) is in the lee and landing there in that wind direction would be dangerous.  In a WNW wind direction it may be possible to use the bottom southerly end of the escarpment but pilots must assess the conditions on the day.  Flying Rybury in a a true NW or NNW wind direction can be dangerous (max WNW).


Please study your Air-map carefully. Just try getting to Milk Hill! The best thermals break off from the top of Rybury enclosure so go there (in light winds) when you get high.


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