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Site Sensitivity

All our precious sites are becoming more and more vulnerable as the number of pilots increases and there is sadly much ignorance in our community how to behave. We WILL lose sites if we do not all encourage each other to respect the landowners and farmers who have been gracious enough to allow us to fly until now. It is not just paragliders – walkers, bikers and drivers are frequently irritating and frustrating farmers to the point where it is easier for them just to say no, padlock their gates and even to plant trees and hedges to deter people from access.

First of all, read the site guide and/or ask other pilots for advice on each hill. Don’t use ignorance as a reason to do what you want.

Check the website and guide each time you plan to fly in case of changes.

Never, never land in crops. If you are not absolutely sure you can land in the agreed areas then simply do not take off, however desperate you are to fly. This means everyone, not just everyone else except you.

Don’t climb over fences, particularly plain or barbed wire as it stretches and eventually breaks. Find a gate and climb over at the hinge end if you cannot open it.

Be quiet and respectful around livestock – it has more right to be there than you do.

If you see other people acting inconsiderately in any way please take the trouble to ask them to comply with the guide, or take a photograph and let the Sites Officer know.

If you make a mistake and transgress, be honest and own up – find the farmer to apologise to or let the Sites Officer know.

Finally, please appreciate how lucky we are to have access to such beautiful countryside and do enjoy yourself















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