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Code of Conduct


Over the years TVHGC have developed good and trustworthy relationships with the landowners including an understanding that we will operate within the bounds of the agreements we have made with them.

In order to maintain this level of trust and cooperation with the landowners and land managers, we require that every member agrees to this Code of Conduct, so that we may keep our privileged access to the Thames Valley sites.

Contrary to common belief that the Right to Roam Act (2000) entitles you to wander freely over farm land, access to land is given expressly at the land owner's permission.

To summarise:

We just use the land for recreational purposes.

The landowners own the land and depend on it for their livelihood.

So we must respect the landowners wishes at all times, if we wish to continue to use it for our own enjoyment.

Code of Conduct

As a member of the Thames Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club I agree to abide by the following code of conduct.

  1. I will at all times follow the club rules and abide by the limitations of use that have been placed on the site I intend to fly, including:
    a) Seasonal / Calendar based restrictions.
    b) Pedestrian, Parking and Vehicular access
    c) Take-off and Landing areas
  2. I will check the sites guide and online information for changes every time I intend to visit any flying site.
  3. I will respect the primary usage of the land and will not do anything to endanger or damage any crops or animals on the land.
  4. I will do nothing that brings the club or its members into disrepute.
  5. I will be polite to members of the public, landowners and managers at all times when accessing sites.
  6. I will respect the wishes of landowners and land managers, even if their immediate wish is contrary to the current site rule.

    I understand that they have the right to change them as they see fit, depending on current circumstances and if they don’t want me to fly on a particular day, then I will not fly that site on that day.

  7. I understand that I do not have exclusive recreational use of the land and other recreational users have as much right to be there as I do.

    I will do nothing to endanger other users of the land, for example flying low or near to horses or other animals in fields or members of the public.

  8. I agree to notify the club immediately, if I break a rule or witness somebody else breaking the rules. This may include things such as emergency landings or emergency access due to injury. I also agree that I will not abuse this rule for personal gain.
  9. If a new pilot with CP (hill) rating and having not completed Slope Landing tasks as part of your practical training with a BHPA school will seek additional training outside of the club prior to flying TV sites.

I understand that failure to comply with the TVHGC Code of Conduct may result in my access to one or more sites and my membership of the club being revoked either temporarily or permanently.

I also understand that, if my club membership is permanently revoked for misconduct or not complying with the TVHGC Code of Conduct, I will forfeit my membership fee for the current year.















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Photos on the front page by: Ian Pepper, Nik Valiris, Mike Hibbit, Mark Reeves and Martin Wareham

Photos in the gallery by: Mike Hibbit and other pilots of TVHGC

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