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2017 Competition


Its Back!

The Thames Valley Waypoint Competition is now open for 2017. All flights between 1st January 2017 and the AGM are eligible.

If you've soared a Thames Valley site and have a IGC track log file you've probably scored a few points without even knowing.

Enter your flights and view the results at

The competition is fun, a great way to get to know your instrument and good practice if you want to enter competitions.

 Rules and waypoints are unchanged from 2016.



Malcolm Beard (HG) 23 Jan 16


It's back!  Largely unchanged for 2016, but with a huge range of prizes, thanks to generous sponsorship from Cloudbase Paragliding.  In addition to prizes for the most waypoints bagged in the season, in one flight and by CP pilots, in both PG & HG disciplines (same as last year), Cloudbase Paragliding have this year provided over £300 worth of prizes.  These prizes will be drawn on the night of the AGM from the waypoints bagged overall.  If you want to win one of these prizes you need to have bagged the winning waypoint!

The idea of the competition is very simple: take off from any of our 10 sites (red circles), fly to as many of 61 waypoints (blue circles) as you can, returning to a take-off site before landing.  Send in your track logs to win prizes at the AGM.  It's up to you where and when you fly - just be safe!  The competition is open now and closes on the day of the AGM (Friday 02 Dec 2016).

   More Information (latest update 23 Aug 2016 v1.4)

   Results so far (latest update 02 Dec 2016

Taking part in this competition will…
…be FUN!

…get you thinking
…get you flying away from the hill, but not so far that you can’t get back
…help you to work out how your GPS works
…improve your flying
…push you to the edge of your “comfort bubble” and thus increase its size
…encourage you to explore all of our 10 flying sites.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy taking part!


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All TVHGC pilots (yes, CPs too!) are invited to join this year's British Club Challenge (BCC) team. The challenge offers low airtime pilots the perfect opportunity to fly their first XCs in a safe and friendly environment, while offering an element of competition for more experienced pilots. TVHGC were runners up last year, out of 13 teams, so it would be great to improve on that, but it's the taking part that really please join us! See the website ( for more info or contact me directly ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or come along to the monthly club meetings and chat about it.  We have a dedicated Facebook page for sharing information about upcoming rounds, but if you don't use Facebook you are still invited!  The challenge normally kicks off around Easter time (only a week or so away) and is a great FUN event, as I'm sure all those who have taken part in recent years will confirm. The entry fee has been paid already from TVHGC club funds so it’s completely free to take part!  

So, how does it work?  Teams compete in a series of rounds, always held over weekends at a variety of clubs’ sites.   As many pilots as want to fly can turn up for a round, but the team captain will select a team of 6 whose scores will count - everyone competes though as, in previous years, I haven't declared who is in the team until after the event!  At the end of the rounds phase, normally late summer, the top 6 teams compete in the Final for a chance to win the coveted trophy, goodies from Advance, bubbly and stunning glass trophies.  A team will probably very soon decide to hold a challenge round, say, over the Easter weekend in SE Wales (not a bad bet!).  Normally a few days before the event it is either confirmed or cancelled, based on the weather forecasts. If confirmed, we meet at the chosen time and place, often preceded by local camping. The emphasis is on FUN and safety with lots of experienced pilots around and good briefings.

Finally, this challenge has been designed to enable Club Pilots to progres and enjoy cross country flights that they are not normally allowed to do.  Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!


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Photos on the front page by: Ian Pepper, Nik Valiris, Mike Hibbit, Mark Reeves and Martin Wareham

Photos in the gallery by: Mike Hibbit and other pilots of TVHGC

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