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The TVHGC's main aim is to ensure pilots can enjoy Paragliding and Hang Gliding safely within the club environment.

We are privileged to have a good mix of new pilots and very experienced pilots who are more than happy to assist each other.  The nature of the sport is such that we are all continually learning and developing.

CP (Novice) pilots:

When pilots leave the school as CP (Novice) and join our club our club coaches are on hand to provide coaching and develop those to become full pilots.  That covers both the practical and theoretical side of both disciplines.  Coaches are volunteers and are trained by the BHPA to provide that service.   Coaches will be able to develop pilots using the skills they have already gained from the school training and they encourage pilots to use those existing skills through a process of briefings, assessment and debriefings.  Note: Coaches are not able to provide any form of instruction (providing new skills) which can only be obtained from a BHPA Instructor.  Coaches cannot provide coaching for a discipline or environment (hill/tow) that they have not already been trained in.  They can provide new information in respect of the flying conditions, environment such as landing fields from their experience as that is regarded a s duty of care.  Always ask the coach in advance.

Coaches coach existing pilots (i.e. from CP (novice) upwards). i.e. coaches assist the qualified pilot with improving/developing/fixing skills. (In the case of the Senior

Coach this remit is expanded in specific instances to include teaching/coaching/training specific new skills.) It is not permitted for Coaches to become involved in pre-CP training.

When pilots leave the school environment as a CP (Novice) you should have received a new task book which pilots should try to complete tasks and involve the coaches in assisting in that activity.  There are a range of practical and theoretical tasks and study to complete.  Once completed and tasks signed off by a coach or instructor you can apply for you Pilot rating.  The TVHGC request that all pilots maintain a log book (available from the BHPA shop) and maintains their pilot task books through the support of the club coaches.

As from 2015 the BHPA changed the CP syllabus and its now possible for pilots to have a CP (Hill) rating without having completed slope landings in addition to having not completed top landings.
TVHGC has certain sites which are suitable for top to bottoms so please check the sites guide list of sites for details.  DO NOT attempt to fly sites which aren't suitable and don't have a bottom landing field and accessible.
To complete the slope and top landings tasks in the Pilot Task Sheet/Book please contact a Senior Coach and make arrangements to complete these under supervision.  All pilots must have complete the theory.


If you require a Pilot Task book you can print a copy here (updated in 2014 to cover slope landing) here: BHPA Pilot Task Sheet


NEW CP JOINED - please read this New CP Introduction pack


Pilots and above:

The coaching scheme continues past the Pilot level and with the assistance of AP coaches pilots can complete their practical and theory training.

TVHGC's Coaching Team:

  • Chief Coach: Responsible for managing the coaching scheme for the club and the team and ensuring the safety of others with the Safety Officer.  He is also responsible for running the theory exams.
  • Senior Coach: Responsible for managing a team of coaches and in specific instances can include teaching/coaching/training specific new skills.
  • Club Coaches: A team of coaches in the club environment who have been trained.  They will develop pilots and are able to assist pilots get through their tasks.  As mentioned earlier coaches are not able to train pilots who have not obtained their CP (Hill) rating from the BHPA.  They can however assist and coach on Pilots post CP based on the Pilot Task Sheet (above) and ONLY develop and strengthen existing skills.


Our club has a specific emphasis on making our pilots 'thinking pilots' and we offer lecture nights and social meetings to allow pilots and coaches to discuss and learn.  This helps pilots when they want to take their theory exams.  Book some time with a coach or make arrangements via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .















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Photos on the front page by: Ian Pepper, Nik Valiris, Mike Hibbit, Mark Reeves and Martin Wareham

Photos in the gallery by: Mike Hibbit and other pilots of TVHGC

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